Become A Cycle Hero

Okay, I missed it. Cycle Hero Week or Cycling for Climate Change Week was on 1 4-22 July, but looking at the website it’s still quite interesting and has lots of information on there about cycling and how it helps stop climate changes, so check it out if you get chance.

While I’m on the subject of cycling and transport, Sustrans is a sustainable transport charity that encourages people to choose a method of transport that is healthy and environmentally friendly. According to the charity there is now more than 10,000 miles of walking and cycle routes on traffic-free paths, quiet lanes and traffic-calmed roads in the UK. Which means around 75% of the UK population lives within two miles of a route. You can find a map of them all here.

Sustrans also offers a free information pack to help you get out and about by bike. Just go here to claim it and then get yourself out there!


3 thoughts on “Become A Cycle Hero

  1. Hi – I came across your blog via a ‘Google alert.’ I’m the Director of Fundraising for Sustrans, sadly checking my work emails at nearly 11pm, and I just wanted to say thanks for the mention, there are actually 12,000 miles of NCN these days but we’ll let that slide! Lovely site, I really enjoyed reading it and you are right when you say ‘get out there’ – most people don’t know the network exists and I’m sure they would enjoy it if they could find the bits near them. Best wishes, Jenny


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