100 Ways To Save The Planet – Part 10

As usual, you can find other ways to save the planet here.

80. Adopt a glacier. Bit like adopting a panda, but errr colder. The US National Snow and Ice Center allows you to choose a little patch of ice to protect and stop from melting.

81. If you have air conditioning at home (or you can suggest this at the office), you should clean or replace your air conditioning filter as often as possible – even every few days. It’ll save energy and money as it won’t have to work as hard.

82. Make a green investment. There are many companies you could buy shares or invest in that have environmental goals. Your financial advisor should be able to help, or try Light Green Advisors here. And take a look at the list of companies Co-op America have on their Green Pages. Even if you have shares in a non-green focused company, you can still use your vote to push environmental issues.

83. Use soy-based inks in your printer. They’re less toxic than regular printer cartridges and toner itself is a petroleum based product. Major manufacturers are starting to sell soy-based versions now.

84. Water your outdoor plants and lawn in the evening or early morning when it’s cooler and less water will evaporate before it’s soaked up. Sprinklers can use as much water in an hour as a family of four in the day so only use them when absolutely necessary.

85. Ditch the cling film. Use reusable bags wrapped tightly, or reuse materials like cereal is kept in as it will do the same job of keeping your sandwiches fresh.

86. Buy second hand. Vintage clothes, refurbished TVs, toys from friends or charity shops etc. We need to get into the habit of reusing things rather than buying new. Old is the new errr new.

87. Use the library. Sounds obvious I know, but if you borrow books rather than buying them then less are printed and less trees cut down. Also when you’ve finished with the latest magazine you’ve bought, you can often donate them to your local library, they’ll be very grateful.

88. And while we’re at it, libraries often have dvds, audio books and children’s books. Or even if you rent your dvd from a store, it’s better for the environment than buying.

89. Keep bees. Or at least encourage them into your garden with wild and cottage garden flowers like geraniums, foxgloves and lavender. Bees are vital for flowers and if you keep them in a hive you’ll get lovely honey too. Check out www.bumblebeeconservation.co.uk


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