Wake Up Gordon

We’re now in the second week of the Soil Association Organic Fortnight, and they have launched an online game called Wake Up Gordon.

“Play our online game to help Gordon Brown eat an organic, planet-friendly breakfast.

During we’re asking everyone to help Gordon Brown ‘Wake Up!’ to the benefits of organic food and farming, by feeding him an organic breakfast. Typically organic farming uses 30% less energy, so organic food is ‘planet-friendly’ food.

The Government knows this fact, but despite telling everyone to save the planet from climate change by switching to low-energy light bulbs or using their car less, it isn’t encouraging people to take the simple, everyday action of choosing organic food.

Come on Gordon, you know organic is better for people and better for the planet – so why don’t you tell everyone else? Are you just running scared of agribusiness, GM and pesticide companies?

In our new online game, you can feed Gordon an organic breakfast – it will cheer him up, give him the courage to stand up to agribusiness, and help save the planet!

The Soil Association will use the final tally of breakfasts fed to Gordon to put pressure on the Government to get behind organic.”

Gordon Brown

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