Bike It Sets Wheels In Motion

A project that encourages more children to cycle to and from school is now expanding. Bike It, managed by sustainable transport charity Sustrans, builds on the success of the project in other UK towns and cities, where average cycling levels of 10% are achieved year on year – the national average is 1%.

Sustrans’ Bike It Officer Gayle Rowson will be working closely with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council’s School Travel team to raise awareness through local schools of the many benefits of cycling and increase cycling levels. Participating schools have been selected for their enthusiasm for cycling.

The great little scheme is aimed at 9-12 years olds and works first by raising awareness about the benefits of cycling. Next, steps are taken to enable the young people to cycle to school – this could be new cycle parking, or cycle training sessions. The third stage is all about action – organising events and incentive schemes to encourage the children to cycle more often, such as bike to school breakfasts and weekly cycle to school days.

It’s a great way to start children cycling early rather than delivered to school in a huge 4×4. You can find out more information about both Sustrans and Bike It at


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