Students Go Green with Paperless Payment

Adam has previously writtern about how to be a green student, and now there is another way that can help. According to a recent survey, UK students favour going green with paperless payments, with more than half saying they would prefer to pay for goods, services and tickets using their mobile/cell phone.

The research, published in late August by LUUP (a mobile payment solution first launched in Norway in July 2002), reveals that over 60% of UK students surveyed would prefer to use paperless payment methods such as via mobile because they are more environmentally friendly. The research shows that as environmental concerns grow there will be more consumer demand for “environmental technology”.

The online survey, was answered by 395 students from more than 70 universities across the UK. It was conducted in order to gauge interest in mobile payments and examine factors that influence the motivation for choosing this type of payment.

Conventional payment methods and ticketing processes pose an unnecessary threat to the environment. Tickets are frequently made using non-biodegradable magnetic strips and laminate, and most transactions usually result in multiple paper receipts. Mobile and online payment systems minimise these wasted resources by making transactions entirely electronic. The results of this survey suggest that as environmental awareness increases, mobile payment systems such as LUUP will make their way to the forefront of preferred payment methods.


LUUP is a mobile payment system enabling consumers to send and receive payments on their mobile phones or online. Payments can be made from credit/debit cards, bank accounts and the digital cash in account holder’s ‘LUUP Wallet.’ Since all elements of LUUP transactions are electronic, the need for paper receipts or non-biodegradable tickets is eliminated, making the payment process far more environmental. For more information or to sign up, visit LUUP and select your country.


2 thoughts on “Students Go Green with Paperless Payment

  1. That is a great system [LUUP] In the US, Mobibucks and Obopay are also popular but I don’t know their track records on helping the environment. Mobile payments are catching and that trend should continue in the years ahead.


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