100 Ways To Save The Planet – Part 11, The Final Part!

90. Recycle your old fleeces. Fleece jackets and sweatshirts can not only be made from recycled material, but can be recycled too. Patagonia not only take their own fleeces but any Polatec branded fleece from other companies.

91. Narrow your margins in Word or whichever word processing software you use. It makes a big difference as your printer can print a lot closer to the edge than you think it does and will consequently print less paper, use less ink and also less energy. Oh, and print at 70% black. And both sides, well done.

92. Wear a jumper outside. Patio heaters are commonplace now, but they’re not good for the environment (see Life Goggles here) and if it’s too cold to sit outside even in a jumper, go inside and warm up. That told you.

93. Use recycled toilet paper. Not only does it save trees but also is colourless so harmful dyes don’t make it into the sewage works and the sea.

94. Donate and buy scrap. Not just in the sense of a car that’s been flattened into a box, but everyday scrap for making shelves or a fence. Or even an art project, like here.

95. Write to your local politician about environmental issues and put pressure on the people who can make big changes. In the UK, that’ll be your MP, try www.writetothem.com or look here.

96. Shut it! Keep fridge and freezer doors closed. For every minute a fridge is open, it can take three energy-intensive minutes for it to cool down again. Similarly, it can take up to half an hour for a freezer to regain its temperature once a door has been opened for just 60 seconds.

97. Drive the speed limit. Not a safety warning (although using a seatbelt is always recommended) but a way to use less petrol. Driving a steady, sensible speed is better for the environment (and your sanity) that racing around like a maniac.

98. Don’t use the standby button. Soon, new electrical items won’t have them, but as most people keep electrical items for a while that doesn’t help. Just use the big button on the front or switch it off at the plug. Some items use the same amount of electricity whether it’s on or on standby. Leaving your TV and all accessories attached to it on standby all the time could cost you £46 a year.

99. Give up the car. Okay, that’s not always practical for everyone, so why not just be sensible about using it. Can you walk to the shops? It may take and extra 15 minutes to get there but at least you get to keep that perfect parking spot outside your house.

100. Join these people – www.wearewhatwedo.org. They’re the makers of ‘This is Not a Plastic Bag’ and writers of this book but they also have a thing called a Personal Action Tracker on their site. This is a “list of simple, everyday actions you can do to help change the world (and have fun while you’re doing it). It could be doing something for the community like shopping locally, something for the environment like avoiding plastic bags, or something for you, like learning to paint, sing or speak Spanish…”. Basically it’s a list a bit like this one where you can keep track of things you’ve done to help save the planet. Good luck.

So that’s it. Sort of. It’s the end for the moment with the release of our 100 Ways To Save the Planet eBook, which you can get for free here. But they’ll be more soon (I’ll think of an imaginative new title, maybe) with an updated book for you to download and share. As usual if you have any suggestions, please let us know.


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