New Eco Detergent Launched By Asda Wal-Mart

Just a quick bit of news as competition to Ecover continues. Asda (Wal-Mart) have launched a new range called Tiny But Tough, similarly named to Persil Small and Mighty (by Unilever).

Essentially just concentrated liquid detergent, the small size means less packaging, less transport “cost” and requires less water to manufacture.

More so-called “eco detergents” are launching soon, one by Procter & Gamble and another by Reckit Benckiser. Whilst any move is a good one, a lot of detergents in the EU are reasonably well formulated for the environment, and measures such as washing less and at lower temperatures will have a much bigger difference on the envrionment than the brand of detergent you use. We would welcome your thoughts?


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