The Fun Green Roundup #2

It’s drinking this week, and not water, but alcohol. Here’s some of the sites in the environmental blogosphere that have written about green beer.

Make your own
I’ve never been tempted to make beer myself, until now after I’ve read about all the stuff that goes into a pint. Green Options has done a brilliant guide to making your own beer.

Drink with others
If you want to meet similar-minded people and share a green pint, check out what Life Goggles had to say here about Green Drinks International.

Drink local
And that doesn’t mean going to the bar closest to you. Unplugged Living has an article on drinking the product of local breweries, cutting down on the miles beer etc it has to travel to reach your throat.

I did say at the beginning this wouldn’t be about water, but you’ll need some after all that drinking. Life Goggles did a guide on drinking water here.

You’re not alone trying to find green beer
Just as I was writing this the other week, it coincided with Labor Day in the US so a few sites wrote about how to get drunk in a green way. Treehugger had some good tips and I particualarly liked Vanessa’s advice at Green as a Thistle with a cracking picture to go with it.


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