Product Review: Simply Sensitive Non Biological Washing Powder


I’ve recently been testing Aquados’ Simply Sensitive Non Biological Washing Powder – a new detergent and the first in the UK to be awarded the EU Eco Label (there’s a bio version too). A box of 30 tablets was sent to me by Emma from Nigel’s Eco Store (more on them later) and I was promised a nicer smell to my washing than Ecover which I normally use along with their softener (I have a five litre tub of the stuff).

The immediate advantage over Ecover which will appeal to many people is that it’s in tablet form. Two tabs in each wash uses “50 per cent less than a typical big box equivalent, and 36 per cent less than ordinary washing powder”. All the ingredients are biodegradable and even though they come in a plastic tub, it is recyclable.

So onto the washing. I resisted writing this after doing the first wash as according to the other half I’m a bad clothes washer as I put too many clothes in (although I disagree). But the two tablets coped remarkably well, everything was nice and clean – a job well done.

However, I was looking forward to a nicer smell, so the second wash involved less clothes. Two tablets are far smaller than the amount of powder I normally use so I was already happy. But along with the smaller wash, came the nicer smell – lovely.


There’s no much else you can write about a washing machine powder, the important thing is whether it works or not and it certainly does. I do like Ecover, but it’s nice to have an alternative and the convenience of the tablets make it a winner.

A tub of 30 tablets costs £3.49 and is available at If you don’t know anything about the store and are wondering what it’s all about, I’ve copied some details below:

About Nigel’s Eco Store
We set up Nigel’s Eco Store because we wanted to do something positive.
We were, and continue to be, inspired by eco friendly products and ideas that solve environmental challenges, and yet are still fun, functional and desirable.
In our searches for new eco products to add to our range, we love things that use less energy, re-use materials, don’t pollute, or that are natural and organic, and compared to non-eco alternatives, do the same job, and look and feel just as great – or better!

When you choose something eco friendly, you get a double benefit; you love it (we hope) and you’re moving towards sustainability, which means it’s better for everyone, and the planet.

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative, environmentally friendly, natural and organic and feel-good products, and make them easier for you to have and own, so we can all make this move towards environmental sustainability.

And so Nigel’s Eco Store was born: the stuff we sell means that you can choose to live in a more sustainable way, and so make a positive contribution to a better and brighter future.
This is what Nigel’s Eco Store actually does:
• We provide practical, functional and beautiful eco friendly, natural and organic products that you can buy right now, at reasonable prices
• We make eco choices easier
• We carefully select the eco products we offer from the best of what’s available
• We give you ideas, information and inspiration to be more eco-friendly
• We help you make good buying decisions
• We make it easy to shop and buy environmentally friendly

Lovely eh? We’ve started a Review Centre where we’ll be adding all our reviews, so if you want something reviewed, or have something you want us to take a look at, let us know.


5 thoughts on “Product Review: Simply Sensitive Non Biological Washing Powder

  1. I’ve tried this stuff too and liked the smell and results, but am not convinced about the tub being recyclable (my borough won’t recycle it) and about the optical brighteners in the product. Aren’t optical brighteners bad for health and the environment? I’d be interested in your comments on this.


    1. Hi Tracy

      I’ve read that optical brighteners are toxic to fish (but not to us although some people can get rashes) but I’ll investigate whether that’s what’s in this as it says all its ingredients are biodegradable and the research I’ve done says this usually means they’re aren’t brighteners present. I’ll do a bit more digging about this and see. About the tub, that’s the biggest downside of the product I think, although my council takes all plastic, whether it recycles it or not isn’t clear.


  2. If you buy this from Sainsburys at the moment – they are £2.69 a tub of 30 and inside you get a 50p off your next purchase! Good for the environment AND good for your pocket!

    On the plastic front – if your council won’t recycle the tubs, how about doing it yourself? Storing things in the shed, childrens jigsaws, toys, pens, your local school and playgroup would be really grateful to recieve things like this to re-use as storage or for craft use!


    1. Thanks for letting everyone know, I just need to find a local Sainsbury’s now, there’s not many where I live. I’ve been using soapnuts recently as well – have you tried those?


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