The Fun Green Roundup #3

Some crazy stories this week. I’m really hoping the first one is a joke.

On the hoof
A Dubai comapny is planning to start making buses powered by horses. Yes, you read that right. Horses are put on a conveyor belt in the bus and blah blah. It can’t be real can it? Check out the photo below for yourself – Treehugger has more.


Onion goggles
I thought these were goggles made from onions to begin with which is why I included them here, but atually they’re goggles to stop your eyes watering when you’re cutting onions. I don’t think they’re even made from eco-friendly material so have a look here and then just be a man about it.

Carbon phone
The BBC reports that a British student has invented a way of tracking your carbon footprint using a mobile phone. The Carbon Hero uses a mobile phone to work out what method of transport you’re using and therefore how much carbon dioxide is produced.

Washing your hands in the toilet
Well, sort of. Check this video out which is doing the rounds at the moment. Well with my friends anyway. A nifty little system to help save water but not sure how much ‘soaping’ up time there is!


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