Calculate Your Water Usage

There is a basic simple tool that can be used to calculate how much water you are using. The BBC Water Calculator allows you to do some simple calculations to work out how much water you’re using or wasting.

BBC Water Calculator

Firstly you enter how many people are living in your household. Then you can choose parts of your home to look at.

Garden/Garage – If you have a garden and/or garage you can enter how much watering you do, whether you use a pressure washer and how often you wash your car.

Bathroom – How often you have a bath or shower, and what type of shower is important. How you clean your teeth and the general usage of your toilet (about 4.5 litres per flush) also matters.

Kitchen – This includes dripping taps, washing up, the washing machine and dishwasher.

Once all done, you can calculate how many litres (and buckets) of water you use per day, how much is used per person (compared to the average of 155 litres per day) and a nice pie chart of how your water usage is split up. It’s definitely worth a look.


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