24 Goes Carbon Neutral

Adam has written a review of the sixth season on the TV show 24, and it now turns out that 24 is also going green!

How are they doing this? “They want to be the first television show to cut their emissions low enough to be carbon neutral. The show will be taking important steps to clean up their sets and make them more efficient. Their generators ran on electricity in previous seasons, and their vehicles ran on regular diesel. They will now correct this by using bio-diesel fuel to power vehicles and generators instead. This will decrease emissions on their vehicles up to 5% and their generators up to 100%, which will be a significant change.

They also hope to incorporate more hybrid vehicles into their sets as well. They will be purchasing their energy from various renewable wind, water, and solar sources. And they will be rewiring the stage to use electric power instead of diesel-generated power.”

[Via: AboutMyPlanet]


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