The Fun Green Roundup #4

Another roundup of weird things from the green worldwide web. First up are batteries powered by pee….

No Po Po batteries
Trusty Treehugger has once again found something weird – batteries powered by urine and “other precious bodily fluids”. You can buy them in Japan, and as the writer points out, if they were fitted in an electric car, all you’d need to do was take a lot of water with you on a long journey.

Eco undies
New Consumer magazine reports that underwear company Greenknickers is now certified Fairtrade. It only applies to their cotton knickers although it does have others made from hemp and bamboo.

Who needs a helmet?
Are you a skateboarder? But a greenie too? Try and eco-friendly skateboard! Life Goggles has more here. Then after a few more years practicing you can do this:

Leg power
Why drive when you can walk or use a bike? When driving means exercise with the human hybrid car. Groovy Green reports on a car that is a bit like a a rowing machine for four people. Allegedly it goes 60 miles per hour but from the looks of it I’d be scared stiff going 30mph. Still, I like to see people going to a bit of effort for their daily commute.

Wine glasses are not for wine
Our friend Treehugger has some pictures of an unusual use for old wine glasses – a chandelier. I say old, but they look pretty new so not sure how good these are, eco-wise, but it’s certainly unusual.

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