A Day In The Life Of The Bin Police

The BBC recently spent a day in the company of two recycling advisors from Test Valley Borough Council in Hampshire, England. Known locally as the “bin police”, they spend their time encouraging people to dispose of their rubbish correctly.

Recycling bins

It makes for quite interesting reading, and shows the lengths that local councils are going to in order to hit their targets and get their residents to follow the rules. Test Valley Borough Council first employed advisors almost two years ago but will have none on its payroll by March 2008. It has spent £117,500 of its annual budget of £11.6m on them. You can read the article here


2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of The Bin Police

  1. As an enthousiastic recycler myself, i was very disappointed to find that in the two nearest recycle points to my home. test valley appear to have removed the containers for the plastics. No explanation. Pity cos I had 3 large black sacks full of plastic bottles etc that I had collected, washed out etc to put in them. Not very encouraging , then one reads articles about the bin police.


  2. Hi Alan, that does sound strange. I know places that are increasing their ability to recycle various types of plastic, but not remove them! The sooner things are standardised and the correct authorities allow us to help them the better!


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