100 Ways To Save The Planet – The Next Generation

Well I did promise to come up with a new title. After the release of the first eBook of 100 Ways To Save The Planet we’ve had a lot of interst, help and suggestions – thanks to everyone who contacted us. The follow-up will be released sometime in the future (I’m a bit vague on it at the moment) but I’ll be ploughing on with ideas so please keep your suggestions coming. Here are 10 more ideas to help save the planet.


101. Be green as a thistle. Now, I’ve no idea what that phrase means, but at http://greenasathistle.com Vanessa is becoming greener every day – literally (sort of, we’re not if we’re talking about a colour). The Toronoto-based journalist is doing an extra green thing every day for a year. She’ll then be doing 365 more eco-friendly things than when she started. Whether she carries on after that isn’t clear, but keep visiting her every day and you’ll find out. Go Vanessa!

102. Have a green party. Everyone loves a party right? Well if you’re 16 or 60 you can have it in an environmentally friendly way – from the cups you use to the where the food comes from. However if you are feeling flush you can get companies to organise the party for you and there are some which will do it in a green way. Eco Events Ltd uses local services, fairtrade uniforms for staff, recycled galssware, locally grown flowers etc and can offer a carbon neutral event.

103. Take the roof rack or case off your car when it’s not being used. It decreases the aeordynamics meaning you’ll use more fuel. Also empty the boot/trunk to make it lighter.

104. Be friends with the government. Well green friends anyway. The have some great sites with helpful tips like here. And on a local level, go to your local government website. An example of one is here where they’re working with the community and engaging them creating ‘green champions’. Get involved in your local area.

105. Reuse those plastic bags (again). No, not as shopping bags dummy, but as things like hats and wrapping paper. Real Simple has ten more ways to use the blighters. Not sure about the hat one personally, but maybe the style will take off.

106. Don’t have sex. Well what I wanted to write was don’t use contraception but you shouldn’t do one without the other – unless you want kids of course, but too many of them isn’t good for the planet either. Contraception involves a lot of packaging and with the pill there’s presciptions etc as well. So maybe if you’re single you should give it up for a while. Come on control yourself!

107. Buy your lovely compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) from Ikea. I know Ikea is a drag but they will recycle your CFLs when they’ve finished. CFLs contain small amounts of mercury so while better for the planet than normal lightbulbs, aren’t wonderful for it either. If they’re a different brand, don’t throw them away, look for recycling places in your area. You can even send them away to be recycled (look here) or keep hold of them until the time comes when you can recycle them.

108. Recycle your Christmas cards. It doesn’t matter what time of year you read this, it’s bound to be close to Christmas. Not only can you buy recycled cards from charity shops, recycle ones you receive, you can also make ones you get into tags for presents next year. Save the ones you like, cut out the best bit into a nice shape and put them on your new presents. And while I’m on about presents, who really cares about the wrapping paper? You may recycle it, but who needs it anyway? I’m going to use newspaper and magazines this year and see what the reaction is. I’ll probably never receive another present again, we’ll see.


109. Get a solar powered shaver. Time to forget those batteries and constant recharging, get yourself a solar shaver. Maybe better when you’re travelling, rather than for daily use, but then the rugged look is always in. You can get it from here.

110. Influence others. A couple of comments after the release of the first 100 Ways suggested that they’re a waste of time if corporations and industry don’t change their ways. But the point is that if you choose to use recycled toilet paper for example, and you tell your neighbour and they make the change and tell their neighbour and so on, then all the toilet roll industry will make is recycled rolls – as that’s what the consumer demands. They if you go into work and tell them to used recycled toilet paper and all your neighbours do the same, eventually everywhere will be doing it and the production of ‘normal’ toilet rolls will stop.
That’s what people are talking about when they say little things make a difference. It’s a cumulative effect. Companies only make and sell things we buy – otherwise they’ll go out of business. So making the changes is a great start, but you can do more by helping others make changes too.


5 thoughts on “100 Ways To Save The Planet – The Next Generation

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the shout-out! Green as a Thistle is kind of a play on the phrase “clean as a whistle”, although it is somewhat confusing, as thistles aren’t always that green 🙂

    I love that solar-powered shaver — if I had a boyfriend, I’d definitely be snapping one of those up in a second!


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