UK To Ban Petrol Cars By 2040?

The Liberal Democrats, a political party in the UK, have backed a series of radical proposals to tackle climate change. One of these is a proposal for a ban on petrol fueled cars by 2040.

A series of measures for a carbon neutral Britain by 2050 have been set out, including proposals for:

  • Introduce green mortgages to encourage more environmentally friendly homes.
  • Charging lorries to use the UK’s roads in order to double rail investment, possibly creating a high speed line running north to south.
  • Boosting spending on flood defences to respond to climate change.
  • Encouraging microgeneration by paying a higher rate to producers who export energy to the National Grid.
  • Creating a climate change levy of £10 on domestic flights.

Do you think the proposals will ever be implemented? Would they make any difference? Have we seen some of them beofre, or are you doing them already where you are?

[Via: BBC]


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