Green Cooking News

BBC Good Food magazine has lots of good “green” food and kitchen news and advice.

Innocent drinks have been trying to work out the carbon footprint of their (admittedly delicious) smoothies. In collaboration with the Carbon Trust and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, Innocent have found that transporting it’s Mango and Passion Fruit smoothie resultd in relatively low emissions but creating the packaging caused much higher emissions.

Kitchen gadgets can obviously be a major source of energy consumptiopn, but some are more efficient than others. The following examples all use one unit of electricity:
– Mixing a cake a week in a mixer for one year.
– Cooking 1.3kg of chips in a deep-fat fryer.
– Blending over 400 litres of soup.
– Grinding over 90kg of coffee in a coffee mill.
– Boiling 6.8 litres (12 pints) of water in a kettle.

Over 6.7m tonnes of food waste is generated by households each year (costing around £250-£400) and around 50% of this is still edible. A few tips to reduce your food waste:

  • Plan meals ahead so you don’t buy food that you won’t use.
  • Use-by dates are a huge reason for waste so try to plan ahead.
  • Don’t buy too much at once, just because you’re in the store. You can always go back again int he (unlikely) event you need more.
  • Set your fridge to be between 1 and 5C so food keeps as best it can.
  • Use leftovers creatively or better still, don’t make too much in the first place.
  • Compost as much leftovers and scraps as you can.

[Via: BBC Good Food]


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