The Fun Green Roundup #5 – Halloween Green


As I was preparing to write a post about going green on Halloween (I liked the rhyme), it occurred to me that I may be a bit late and other people may have beaten me to it. And indeed they have. So if you want to learn more about being green this errr All Hallow’s Eve, then read on…

  • Lighter Footstep have to nice tips here.
  • Vanessa at Green As A Thistle (thanks for explaining what that means by the way, here) has a two-parter on her blog, but as I write this, only the first one is up here. I’ll update this when the second part goes up. Edit: here it is.
  • And TreeHugger has a very tenuous link to Halloween here.


2 thoughts on “The Fun Green Roundup #5 – Halloween Green

    1. Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion Adam, sorry I missed it in the round-up. It’s a good read. I gave the kids sweets I still had in the cupboard that I was given for Christmas last year so I’ll ask for organic stuff this year I think!


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