Products Made From Bamboo

When choosing a microwave for our new home a while back, my girlfriend asked me whether they made any out of wood. Oh, how I laughed. But it seems that the reality might not be that far off. I’m not sure whether al these products source bamboo from sustainable forests, but bamboo is very fast growing and manageable and they certainly look nice and should be better for the environment than current metal and plastic options.


My favourite is this flat screen monitor from Play Engine.








Also there’s this mouse to go with it.






And there are some fancy bamboo cases for your ipod too from Temas.






9 thoughts on “Products Made From Bamboo

  1. I almost bought one of those bamboo monitors from a bamboo nut/grower who had some in his retail bamboo store in Central Florida. Truly a beautiful monitor and great to see people finding more creative uses for one of Earth’s most vital renewable resources.


  2. I would like to know more of the products that are made with bamboo. I know they also make clothing from this material as I have purchase 2 pairs of sock made from this product and I’m glad they were made in the US!
    Also I would like to know where they sell the flooring made from bamboo in Massachusetts????


  3. Fancy bamboo cases are looking great.It seems like hundreds of products can be made from bamboo. From household items to the entire house, bamboo products are not new to society.I have read that ancient civilizations were using bamboo for building long before they were using other materials but this trend has faded slightly over the centuries.


  4. I think its a great idea, recently i visited my friend’s home and i was amazed to see many things made of bamboo there and it was looking really great.I think i should start with this little bamboo mouse.


  5. There are two general patterns for the growth of bamboo: “clumping” (sympodial) and “running” (monopodial). Clumping bamboo species tend to spread slowly, as the growth pattern of the rhizomes is to simply expand the root mass gradually, similar to ornamental grasses. “Running” bamboos, on the other hand, need to be taken care of in cultivation because of their potential for aggressive behavior


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