The Green Wall of Shame

The Big Green Wall of Shame is here! Yes, finally a place to send those naughty people, things and places which are damaging the environment or seem against improving it. It’s actually been on the links along the top for a little while (have you checked out the competitions or articles pages recently?) but it’s time for a post about it. The Wall thrives on contributions from readers, all you need to is email us, saying who/what/were and importantly why. We’ll add it up there and every so often write a post telling everyone of what’s new.

You can also get Shamers removed. Again just tell us why. We’ll keep a list of those recently added and removed so you know what’s going on!

Here are the few that have been recently added:

Jeremy Clarkson
The TV presenter and car fanatic seems to be a nice guy. I find him funny and aimable, I’m sure I’d like him if I’d met him. But there’s no denying he doesn’t care about the environment and drives very un-eco friendly cars for a living. However the day he drives a true eco-car and loves it, I think he’ll get the green lobby back onside. If he cares.

John Prescott
The former UK deputy Prime Minister was known as Two Jags. Although he’s had his ministerial Jaguar taken away, he still makes the Green Wall of Shame.

George Bush
I don’t know where to start, but even if you forget about the morals of the various wars, invasions an occupations, the environmental cost has been huge. Then there’s Kyoto…

The Spice Girls
The girls’ new tour involves them each having a Lear Jet. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s magazine, OnEarth, all five jets will generate a whopping 47,500 tons of carbon dioxide. But hey, they’ll earn $25 million each.

One of the most polluting countries in the world. There are some efforts to clean it up, but it can stay here until it sorts itself out.

Asphalt, tarmac, oil, fuel, noise, waste, bottled water, plastic, paper, CO2 – should I go on?

Constant building in a desert, increasing traffic in a desert and huge water demands in a desert. Oh, and air conditioned bus shelters. I suppose we should be happy someone’s taking the bus.

They’re just not great for the environment. There’s bound to be particular ones on the Wall in the future, but at the moment they can all go on.

Not those lovely new, energy saving ones obviously. But those old, nasty ones. Shame on you.

Shipping containers
Made out out metal in the first place, they also have hardword floors and “over 10 million tropical hardwood trees are cut down every year in order to make container floors. These are trees that take 40-60+ years to mature”. New ‘eco-containers’ with bamboo floors are being introduced but even then they’re often coated with fungicides and insecticides to keep out bugs.

Bottled water
Why have water shipped in from abroad when the stuff coming out of you tap is fine. You can find more about what we think here.

Cornell University reckons “your average quarter pounder, siphons 600 gallons of water, 1.2 pounds of feed grain, and 6 square feet of former prairie land — plus the loss of five times the patty’s weight in topsoil — even before it gets slapped on a grill.” Also it’s estimated a cheeseburger has a carbon footprint of about 6.5 pounds of emissions. And in America that equates to approximately 941 to 1023 pounds (428-465 kg) of greenhouse gas per person, per year — “the rough equivalent of the annual carbon output from 7,500-15,000 SUVs if the 300 million US citizens hit the 3 burgers/week average”.

You can actually recycle polystyrene but most of it ends up in landfill although it’s not biodegradable. Avoid it the best you can.

What to add something, someone or some place? Leave a comment below or email us at


2 thoughts on “The Green Wall of Shame

  1. I nominate plastic bags. All of them. Plastic grocery bags. Plastic produce bags. Plastic shopping bags. Plastic garbage bags. Plastic newspaper bags. Plastic phone book bags. Plastic drycleaning bags.

    I also nominate plastic packaging materials: bubble wrap, plastic air pillows, foam peanuts (although you’ve already mentioned Styrofoam), plastic packing tape (there IS paper packing tape available), and plastic shrink wrap.

    And finally, I nominate disposable food and beverage containers of all kinds, but especially plastic and Styrofoam.

    There are more. Many, many more. But these are some of the worst offenders that are not already listed.


  2. Ahhh plastic bags, thanks Beth I’ll add them for the next update of the wall. If you know any people who should go up there as well then please let me know.


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