More Wooden Products

After writing about bamboo products last week (here), I was pointed in the direction of this lovely wooden computer. Whether it works or not I have no idea, but if someone can speak Russian, perhaps they could go here and let me know. Otherwise just marvel at its beauty.


3 thoughts on “More Wooden Products

  1. That is such an odd looking computer, but I love it. Looks as though the Russians have an interest in old fashioned “workmanship” toward the wood which is fantastic.

    Nice novelty, fire risk perhaps?



  2. I’m not sure why you mentioned your bamboo entry in this post about a wood computer, because the 2 have nothing to do with each other.

    Bamboo is a wonderful, versatile and sustainable product with a wide range of applications. I say ‘wonderful’ because it can replace wood in many instances, maturing in 3 or 5 years when wood can take 30 or more years. It doesn’t require heavy pesticide applications. For these reasons, it’s an ecologically friendly building material.

    The wood computer is definitely a novelty but if it were ever done on a large scale, it sure wouldn’t be helping the planet. The loss of forest cover worldwide is one of the things contributing to an ever worsening global warming phenomenon.


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