The Fun Green Roundup #6

Salmon sperm
I couldn’t think of an amusing title for this for some reason, but supposedly salmon sperm could be a component in future LEDs.

Andrew Steckl, an expert in photonics from the University of Cincinnati (don’t worry, I had to look up photonics too, it’s apparently the science of generating, controlling, and detecting photons. I should have guessed) says: “Salmon sperm is considered a waste product of the fishing industry. It’s thrown away by the ton. It’s natural, renewable and perfectly biodegradable.” And helps LEDs somehow. Waste not, want not.

What about the pandas?
There’s a glut of bamboo products on the market at the moment for some reason. Probably because it’s fast growing. Life Goggles talked about some of them here.

Green faith
While religion is serious and not ‘fun’ as such, I thought I’d include a couple of developments here. Treehugger reports on not only the first FSC-certified Bible from Christian publishing company Thomas Nelson Inc. but also a solar powered audio bile here – which is useful!

Shower shock
Take short showers or face the consequences!


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