Will Driving At The Speed Limit Save The Planet?

Whilst not one of our 100 ways to save the planet the UK government’s Commission for Integrated Transport believes that changes to the way we drive can massively decrease emissions. As CO2 emissions from cars and lorries still outweigh those from air travel by a long way, one possible help for the environment would come from drivers to having to attend state-sponsored lessons in eco-motoring.

A BBC article looked at the difference in CO2 emissions when driving at 70 miles per hour (the UK speed limit on a motorway) and at 80mph. The results? 33% more CO2 is produced when driving at 80mph rather than 70mph.

British Motorway

A few simple driving techniques, such as accelarating slowly, judging when the traffic lights will change and slowing gently, can all help to reduce fuel consumption (and emissions) by 25%,saving an average or around £200/$400 a year.

[Via: BBC]


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