Private Firework Displays To Be Banned?

Following a number of years of firework-related disasters the New Zealand Government will be looking to revise their stance on whether or not private displays will be permitted. Every Guy Fawkes fire fighters and fire fighting resources are stretched beyond capacity due to consistent irresponsible usage. Not only are numerous casualties reported every year, but many bush fires break out all over the country. The RSPCA has been lobbying against private firework sales, expressing concern at the way animals fearfully respond to the noise and lights.


So, the future of private fireworks, in New Zealand at least, does not look fantastic. This year was geared up to be a trial period with the ultimatum, behave or else. As we have seen in the news, there have still been incidents and these could weigh in the favour of a ban, with only council operated displays being allowed.

Personally I think it’s about time a ban comes into effect. The number of fires that have ravaged our native bush is a price far too high to pay, think of all that air pollution as well! After this years accident (during a professional event) involving three young children receiving burn injuries, one major super market chain has decided to cease selling fireworks and others say they may follow the lead.

Do you think it’s time for a change or do we stick with tradition?


2 thoughts on “Private Firework Displays To Be Banned?

  1. I’ve never been to a decent private firework display in my life, and probably only a few decent official ones. Sticking to the big shows would be fine with most people I would have thought.


  2. I think most people are really happy to go with public displays and that is probably the reason it will go ahead. A few people do argue that they shouldn’t be penalised for the mishaps of others which really is a fair point. The debate is still going on believe it or not, and will likely do so until the final decision is made!



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