Is Feng Shui Green?

No idea to be honest. But our favourite online shop, Nigel’s Eco Store, thought they’d find out recently. They invited a guy called Richard Ashworth to Feng Shui their office in Hove. And if he can’t make a difference, no-one can. He’s the most famous Feng Shui expert in the UK with his work featured by the BBC, CNN, The Sunday Times and The Guardian, but he is probably best known for his frequent appearances on television’s Housebusters.


A bit of blurb about Feng Shui in case you’re not sure what it’s all about:

Feng Shui is about creating harmony in your life by removing the clutter and negative energy from your environment. Applying Feng Shui to an office environment has become popular as it can lead to an enhanced business reputation, better business efficiency and better relationships with employees and customers. Those who use the office premises will also experience better health, motivation and happiness. Feng Shui is not usually synonymous with business in the West, however in Hong Kong, 90% of companies employ a Feng Shui consultant on a regular basis. Scientific research confirms what Feng Shui experts have been saying for years: that the environment in which we work can significantly affect our health, vitality and performance.

But the big question is did it work? Well the man himself, Nigel, reckons it does. He says: “I am really pleased with the result of our Feng Shui makeover and the interest that it generated. Business is on the up with a noticeable increase in sales figures, the atmosphere in the office has improved and we have had lots more press coverage than usual.

“We finished putting the final touches to the office last week – our front door has now been rehung, and our walls painted, the fountains are up and running and Emma (press and marketing manager) has moved through into the back office. Whether it is a result of the Feng Shui or not we are all looking forward to a really successful Christmas season and further expansion of the company in 2008.”


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