Cheaper Grey (Gray) Water Recycling

Previously we’ve talked about Greywater or Graywater and what it is and how to go about using to.

Garden watering bans are a fact of life these days, and not just in dry climes like much of Australia and the Western US, even Britain has it’s fair share too. But a new Australian invention can keep lawns and gardens green without using any extra household water.

Water Leech

The Water-Leech, which retails from AUD$200 is a breadbox-sized device with a universal hose attachment that hooks up to shower or sink drains. Instead of letting grey (gray) water escape down the drain, a pump in the unit draws it into a self-contained storage tank. The pump is powered by a rechargeable battery instead of a wall plug to prevent any possibility of electric shock while it’s in operation. When the Water-Leech tank is full, owners simply wheel the unit outside to water their plants. (Providing biodegradable soaps and detergents are used, water from showers, baths, laundry, sinks and dishwashers is completely reusable.)

Water-Leech inventor Paul O’Callaghan believes his product fills a vital need at a time when environmental experts point with alarm at fast diminishing global water supplies. Though attractively styled and relatively compact, the Water-Leech still might seem a cumbersome way to reclaim water. But competing systems used to collect grey (gray) water must be retrofitted into a home’s plumbing, a task which could cost thousands.

Of course, even in areas without restrictions, the unit’s ability to reuse water can help it pay for itself. O’Callaghan says the average households can conserve 35,000 liters annually, which adds up to a nice way to keep gardens green and help conserve precious drinking water.

[Via: Springwise]


6 thoughts on “Cheaper Grey (Gray) Water Recycling

  1. Nice looking product but if each household can recycle or reuse 35,0000 litres of grey water annually this means that I have to lugg this thing outside and back in again nearly 4 times a day to achive this target. I think you would be better off installing a permanent grey water systems that is connected to your plumbing as a fixtute


  2. Well considering that a 90 Litre system filled and emptied once a day every day for a year is 32,850 litres, then it is easy to see that you would only have to empty it a couple of times a day for a few extra days and you would have saved 35,000 litres.


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