Feel The Fair Trade at the Adila Product Viewing

Just a quick note to say that fair trade accessories art and interiors online store adila is having an offline Christmas sale. It’s a nice idea. Here are the details:

“We would like to invite you to the adila ‘Product Viewing, Christmas Sale’
We love the internet for browsing and shopping, but sometimes it’s nice to try on the jewellery, hold the bags, feel the mohair, or just stand and admire the art of Altaf Kramer in person.

Our 2007 Product Viewing / Christmas Sale will be held at adila (just & fair), Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire, Sunday 2nd December, 2-6pm.

Please don’t feel you must come and buy! The whole point of the ‘product viewing’ is to do just that. Come along and take a look, help yourself to a glass of (fair trade) South African wine and browse around whilst humming along to some tasteful Christmas music. We will be roasting chestnuts and melting marshmallows on the fire, feel free to join in, or just help yourself when they are ready.

After the viewing please feel free to mention adila (just & fair) to ALL your friends! And remember us when looking for that unique fair trade and eco-friendly gift or treat for yourself in the future.

A 20% discount will apply to many items on the day. We look forward to meeting you and kicking off the Christmas 2007 festivities!”

If you want to be added to the list of attendees, email info@adila.co.uk


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