Firebox Goes Green This Christmas

I’m a fool for gadgets as much as the next man, but they’re often not eco-friendly. So it was a nice surprise to find an email in my inbox from touting it’s green products. While I’m by no stretch of the imagination calling them a green company, they do have some great little products and you get a little bag of sweets with every order. Lovely.


Counting the cost
The Wattson is a funky electricity monitor for your home. Not only does it tell you how much energy your house is using, it does so in funky colours and ambient light. Bit of a blow to the pocket though at £149.99 and it uses around 4 watts itself so you’ll need to switch something else off to use it up.



Every woman loves a bag
Much better for lower budgets are the recycled juice bags. There are two versions at £14.99 and £9.99 and are made by a women’s cooperative in the Philippines as well.


Winter sun
The Freeloader solar charger stores energy for up to three months so you can even use it at night for a mobile phone/PDA?PSP type emergency. Agian not cheap at £29.99 but comes in pink as well as silver, lovely.



Christmas drinking
Recycled beer goblets have been around for ages, I’ve had mine for about 4 years. They look good and make a great present and are reasonably priced at £12.95.



A global warming mug. Nice idea but I always think of the energy used to make it. But could be a handy present for someone at work. It’s £6.95.

To find all this lovely stuff click here.


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