Eco-adventure game for kids

We receive a lot of emails asking us to promote products for free. We take a look at each of them and sometimes they look good enough to pass on to our readers. Recently we received an email from Dave at Xeko which I thought some readers might be interested in.

Xeko Game Logo

Xeko is an eco-adventure game for kids, and for parents who are interested in teaching their kids about sustainability in general and “green” products for kids in particular. If you’re not familiar with the game already, Xeko combines two things kids love – animals and trading cards. Each card collection is based on one of Earth’s “hotspots,” beginning with the critically-endangered habitat of Madagascar. The collectible cards include facts about the species from that ecosystem in addition to illustrations that kids really love. Other collections include Mission: Costa Rica and Mission: Indonesia – the latter just debuted recently. There is a free online demo of Xeko the game available.

Xeko Cards

4% of Xeko net sales are donated to Conservation International, and the game is printed on recycled materials. While Xeko (according to them) is first and foremost entertaining, parents can feel good with their kids spending hours learning about Earth’s diverse species and unique cultures.

Xeko, as a company, produces products that foster sustainability, and hopes to inspire the next generation of eco-leaders. The website is excellent and has a list of online and brick-and-mortar stores that you can buy the game from, including diverse stores like Amazon, Whole Foods and even zoo shops!

I would be interested to hear from you if you’ve played the game, or have any suggestions for others? It looks like a great game for Christmas


3 thoughts on “Eco-adventure game for kids

  1. I recently bought this game for my daughters 13th birthday and she loves it. The educational aspects are outstanding, recently while watching discovery she was able to spot and name the Leatherback Sea Turtle before they said what it was. Thank you Xeko for making an educational eco friendly game that kids actually like.


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