A Few Things You Should Never Buy New

Mint is a website that allows users to track different (US) bank accounts in one place online. Not that interesting unless you’re using it, however they do have an interesting blog.

A recent excellent post points out eight things you should not buy new. The site goes into a lot more detail, so is worth reading, but these are:

Mint Website Logo
  1. CDs and DVDs
  2. Books (see Adam’s posts here and here)
  3. Apple Products and Electronics
  4. Designer Clothes
  5. Baby and Maternity Clothes
  6. Games and Toys
  7. Homes
  8. Cars

Feel free to add any more you think shoud be included by adding a comment below 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Few Things You Should Never Buy New

  1. I love your list…..they are all readily available items without wasting your money or the earths resources.

    I would add convenience foods. i am not the worlds greatest cook but eat well from home produced meals.
    a )Frozen to help with time.
    b) Barter with friends. I make delicious breads and scones, they make sponge- type cakes.
    c) Shock horror- we even invite one another round to “Share suppers” so there is variety,,,,sometimes very unexpected treats!


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