Carbon Neutral Web Hosting Is Here (With 10% Off)

A new web hosting company called Solar Energy Host is offering carbon-free web hosting. Based in Salt Spring Island in Canada and the first of its kind in the country, Solar Energy Host offers 100% carbon free web hosting that generates zero green house gas emissions.

It’s not carbon neutral but carbon free.

Company founder, Aaron Handford, said: “By using solar power to host the sites I saw an opportunity to make a difference in a real way. Instead of using the “carbon neutral” system where companies purchase carbon credits to offset their green house gas emissions, we offer a cleaner solution – websites powered by solar energy – nothing comes from the grid, it’s carbon-free.”

It’s a good idea as I often think trying to be environmentally friendly is at odds with the fact I’m using a computer to write about it on.

Some more details below, please let us know if you’ve had experience of using it. At the moment if you sign up with the code ‘solarrules’ you’ll get 10% off.

What makes it possible is a state-of-the art server that is part of the only solar powered professional web server system in the world. The servers and technology are based in California where solar powered solutions are cropping up in dramatic fashion. A Salt Spring Island based company; Solar Energy Host presents a great hosting solution – and another way to make a difference in the fight to stop global warming. For more information please visit:


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