Punky Brewster Opens Eco Store

My American wife Sarah’s favourite TV show whilst growing up was Punky Brewster. For those who have never heard of it,according to Wikipedia it “is an American sitcom which ran on NBC from September 16, 1984 to September 7, 1986 …. Penelope “Punky” Brewster is a warm, funny and bright girl, abandoned by her parents.

Punky and Soleil

Punky’s father walked out on her family when she was 2. Several years later, Punky was abandoned by her mother who took her to a Chicago supermarket and disappeared. Punky was alone with her only companion, and faithful dog, Brandon. Afterwards, Punky discovered a vacant apartment in a local building.”

Exciting hey? Anyway the actress who played Punky, Soleil Moon Frye, is now 31 with two kids of her own and has opened an eco friendly baby store (with a couple of friends) called The Little Seed. She says:

“We wanted to create a physical space – and an accompanying website – where parents had the option to purchase stylish organic and eco products exclusively.”

Take a look and feel free to let me know what you think.

[Picture and story via: EcoShopper]


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