Product Review: Spooner – Recycled Bottle Opener From ECOutlet


As you may have gathered elsewhere on the site, I like reusing things more than recycling. And this reused (or as they call it ‘recycled’) bottle opener is a great example. The Spooner is basically it’s a dessert spoon with a hole in it that will open bottles. And that’s it. It’s simple and works.


It’s one of those things where you think why haven’t you seen it before. The hole is an attractive star shape and each spoon differs as they used to be actual spoons so from different sets. You may think what was wrong with it as spoon, well not much. Mine is a bit worn and the rounded end is dented a bit which would probably be uncomfortable in the mouth. The spoons have been picked up at car boot sales, markets and auction sites and transformed by hand.

At first it seems odd that the star-shaped hole can deal with bottle tops, but deal with them it does. I got slightly overexcited when testing it and used it as an excuse to buy various bottle beers to see if it could open the all. I even played with the technique of using the long handle as a lever and then just using the ‘spoon’ part and both ways work well.

I love it even more than my Homer Simpson one that talks to me and I keep it hung on the cupboard handle by the fridge for when I’m in desperate need of a drink. Which is often.

A snip at only a fiver, they can be found at online ECOutlet. While we’re on the subject of ECOutlet, they have a great little points scheme when you buy stuff which doesn’t really help you, but helps the environment instead. You can find out more here.


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