Product Review: Beverley Price Jewellery From Adila

Beverley Price is a Johannesburg based jeweller who trained in Israel and London. Her particular interest is to stimulate the development of a hybrid style of jewellery that fuses indigenous South African adornment forms with conventional Western jewellery practices. She is also interested in promoting a jewellery expression that carries a distinctly South African flavour.


All sound well and good, but the distinctive thing about Beverley is her goal to make jewellery that conveys value without using precious minerals, like diamonds. As you can see from the pictures, she uses foil to frame images from magazines and South African product labels, combining the foiled units to make jewellery. She says her intention is: “to make a story round the neck – like a silent movie.”

There’s a range of Beverley’s jewellery at Adila, we received the Frida Kahlo bracelet and earrings to test (there’s also a necklace). Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was a Mexican artist who was known for her self portraits.


The first thing you notice is how light they are. Being made of foil means there’s hardly any weight to them and they seem very delicate. Although it’s best to be careful with them, they’re actually not that bad. The earrings in particular look very different and striking when worn, although the self portrait chosen for them shows Frida looking quite ‘mannish’ but they’ll certainly be a talking point!

The bracelet is again very light. Unlike the picture on the website, the one we received has different pictures in each square which is a nice variation. The back of each square has a stamped in pattern, sometimes Beverley’s name, which I quite like for some reason.


To wear the bracelet is a pretty simple job of using the clasp and it seems pretty sturdy in our test.

Beverley’s jewellery is really stylish and pretty unique to our knowledge and there is a range of them at Adila which offers variety. They would make a great gift for someone you knew well or as a fair trade treat for yourself.

Pictured left is the necklace, the third piece in the collection if you like complete sets or you could mix and match from different sets.


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