100 Ways To Save The Planet – The Next Generation #2

I really need to come up with a new title for this. I’ll probably just revert back to the original, short version. Anyhoo, you can find part 1 of this ‘next generation’ here or get the original 100 Ways eBook for free here. If you’ve read all them and are ready for more, here are another ten:

111. Don’t use deodorant. Well of course you can, but have a look at the ingredients as some things aren’t great for you or for the planet if they’re derived from petroleum. Anti-perspirants are the worst offenders so try a more natural alternative or go without, you never know, people might not notice!

112. Send e-cards instead of real ones. It’s much better for the environment, although you may not be the most popular person in the world. But if you don’t feel comfortable with that, request that when it’s your birthday/anniversary/wedding/Christmas/Easter etc you only get e-cards. Your friends might think it’s a good idea and it’s cheaper for them too.


113. Buy used nappies for your baby. Clean, reusable ones anyway. www.usednappies.co.uk is an auction site that specialises in, you’ve guessed it, nappies. Buying previously used nappies is better for the environment and I would have thought, cheaper too.

114. Quickly save a tonne of CO2. Well quickly find out how as www.saveatonne.com is a simple but informative one page website with ten easy steps for individuals to save a tonne of CO2 and advising people that you don’t have to dramatically change your routine to make dramatic changes to our environment. It’s got some great links on there to help too.

115. It’s a fact that heating and air conditioning aren’t going away. So if you are using one of the two (hopefully not both at the same time!) then try to do it in as efficient way as possible. A lady called Jessica Renda at www.cwheatcool.com sent in three tips for heating and cooling:
• Get an electric heat pump instead of oil or gas furnace.
• For air conditioning – make sure you are using the right type of freon (R410A) this is the new environmentally friendly freon – at least as friendly as it can get for now.
• Change your air filters – the more frequently you change your air filter the better the air flow to your system, which helps it to operate better. Think about it, how do you feel with a stuffed up nose? You get the point.
We certainly do Jessica.

116. Don’t buy new toys. And this isn’t just for kids either but for adults who like to collect figures or even someone who likes ornaments. They come with a huge amount of packaging. A lot of times just so you can see them on the shelf but are still secure. The plastic, cardboard, wire ties, polystyrene etc all add up and at Christmas the bin doesn’t stand a chance of coping. So buy toys from charity shops or second-hand. Or ask friends if you can have ones they’ve finished with.

117. Recycle your old CDs. I have loads sitting around at home, and at work even though I prefer photos being emailed, I’m always being sent them on CD. Luckily at work we can send them to a printer who recycles them and makes them into car headlight covers (the cases anyway). However what can you do at home? In the UK, Polymer Recycling recycle the cases, inserts and also the discs and have a handy diagram to tell you how they do it – click on the picture to visit the large version on the site.

In the US there’s a company called GreenDisk which picks up from recycling centres and businesses. But if you can’t find anywhere, be creative and use them as coasters or as decorations until you can find somewhere to get them recycled. And if you’ve only got CDs for music, do as number 63 in the list said – bypass the whole process and download your music.

118. Sleep green. Keetsa offer environmentally friendly mattresses and you can get organic cotton bedding at places like So Organic or made from bamboo at Nigel’s Eco Store.

119. Pick up litter. All these ways are aimed at making the world a better place to live and litter can turn a nice area into a dump very quickly. And I don’t mean you have to roam the streets, look in the local newspaper and you’ll see events organised by local groups – such as scouring the shore for trash or at your local park. Not only is litter unsightly, it can be dangerous for wildlife too.

120. Buy a real Christmas tree. Seems strange but it’s actually better for the environment than plastic ones. The production of PVC creatures by-products such as lead and after use will just be left in a landfill. Real trees are mostly grown in the country they’re bought from, while artificial trees are imported. The Soil Association has a list of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) producers. Or why not grow your own tree?


4 thoughts on “100 Ways To Save The Planet – The Next Generation #2

  1. This is a great list. Unfortunately, I do not happen to agree with you on the deodorant issues. Standing next to someone on the subway trying to save the environment on a hot summer day is less than awesome. However, the buying used toys is a really cool idea I never considered.

    Nice blog,



  2. USED NAPPIES??? Theres a million ways to help the planet and if all you can think of is making your baby suffer for the few years they wear nappies then thats sad. You can buy NEW cloth nappies although if your wondering why your baby has nappy rash then thats it!

    On that note , organic or non organic cotton makes no difference.The water used to grow cotton is rediculous and shouldnt be used regardless( especially if your going to go to lengths like used nappies! )

    And thats the problem, Going green actually does take thought and not an idea spawned in a few moments and then forced on others as the way to save the planet!

    Buying used stuff for packaging sounds good, but your forgetting that for you to buy the used toy, someone had to buy it new first! So any packaging it did have in the second hand shop is added! even if its just a price sticker!

    Sending ecards would be good in theory but add the energy used to run the computer for the duration needed to type and send ( and then all the energy used throughout the net to deliver it, which is considerable ) buying a recycled paper card is much better.

    And thats the problem, going green actually does take thought, not some idea spawned in a few minutes and then forced on people as the way to save the world, Anything used is a farce,,,yes its good to save cash, which is where the real reason lies to most of those type of suggestions, and then the excuse is eco friendly to cover the persons own stingyness, there we go a new word!

    Dont take me for some rice farmer trying to save face I grew up with hippies! and yes I was open to many ideas that you wouldnt think of, LIKE using solar and 12 volt lighting..it costs nothing and actually does save energy…although the proccess of making solar panels is questionable..I just also look on the other side not everything in the consumer world is bad. Stop driving your car and catch a bus and use disposable nappies with a free



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