Recycle Your Electronics This Christmas

Chances have it that this Christmas (Happy Christmas/Holidays everyone!!) you’ll receive a new phone/camera/mp3 player/TV/games console and your poor old one will be left with no home to go to.

A new website called BuyMyTronics will offer you a price for your unwanted (or broken) game console/handheld, any type of iPod and mobile/cell phones, although phones currently have to be working (a full list here). Their environmental aim is:

BuyMyTronics logo

– To help to Reduce the number of new iPods that need to be manufactured by giving existing iPods a second life.
– To Reuse parts from old iPods that are not easily fixable.
– To Recycle the entire iPod when possible by repairing the broken components and giving it a second life.

What they do with the items isn’t clear, though they state they are “building a utopian society and sanctuary for electronics from around the globe” it’s more likely they fix and sell on where possible, or recycle valuable components for cash.


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