Fun Green Roundup #7

Getting the message across
Advertising on huge, well-lit billboards might be the best way to sell something, unless that things about the environment. Groovy Green reported on a company in South Africa showing the way forward.


Energy saving help
21st Century Citizen (were you as lucky as me to get an advert for Snorg Tees: Groin Grabbingly Good Tees?) has a handy little guide to how much a compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs save you over time. Which is nice.


Waxy problems
Got problems dealing with a lot of dripping wax? Come on, we all do don’t we? Welll some people do, I remember a bar that was in a crypt which was covered in wax. But they seemed to like it. Anyway, I digress. If you do have a wax problem then get this from Design Boom – it collects your dripping wax to use as a new candle. Alternatively put your candle in a jar or buy quality candles that don’t drip.

Dump your significant other – the green way
Vanessa at Green as a Thistle has done a handy guide to how to have an environmentally-friendly break up. From crying, writing letters to moving out. I would say print it out and keep it, but that wouldn’t be very eco-friendly, so bookmark it instead. And stop crying you wimp.

A punky return
And from humble Life Goggles itself, Punky Brewster makes an eco-comeback.

Green rap
And finally, Treehugger had this nice video below from Dr. Octagon – a rapper who raps about environmental issues. I can’t really expand on that much more, so enjoy.



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