Latest Green News

Happy New Year everyone! All the best to you all for the coming year 🙂

Lots of little pieces of news to pass on to you today.

According to the Red Cross, the number of global disasters has soared by 60% in the past 10 years. Between 1997 and 2006 there were 6,806 disasters, affecting over 1.2m people.

The amount of Arctic sea ice at the end of the summer was half the level of what it was four years ago, raising fears that it could disappear by 2012.

A new process called PDX uses 40% less energy in the manufacture of beer. It uses steam to speed up the brewing process.

Bob Gedolf has strongly supported the use of nuclear power as the only viable alternative to fossil fuels for our energy demands.

New York’s taxis are to to be forced to achieve at least 25mpg if bought after October 2008, and 30mpg if bought in 2009. Whether this will just mean older and older taxis on the streets will remain to be seen.

The UK Government has announced plans to build 7,000 wind turbines along Britain’s coast which would supply one third of the country’s electricity needs by 2020.

Organic turkey sales will top £1m at Marks and Spencer alone in the UK over the Christmas period.

Researchers from the World Land Trust warn that growing biofuel crops could harm the environment as up to nine times the carbon dioxide will be released. This is because biofuel crops are oftne grown on land that is burnt and reclaimed from tropical forests.


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