Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 1: Four Months Later

Heroes is back. First of all, you can find our reviews of Heroes season 1 here, and this is season 2.


So how was it for you? It started quite slowly I thought. Mohinder’s speeches always annoy me but the approach of The Company (is this Bob as mentioned last season?) and his power at least livened it up. His phone call to Mr Bennet (I feel wrong calling him Noah) explains their plans, but using a mobile/cell phone is a little dangerous, won’t The Company be listening?

Mr Bennet in a normal job? It was never going to end well for the manager was it? And Claire manages to get herself noticed in her new school in California without even trying. In fact she tries hard not to be noticed refusing to do the jump in the gym, but that’s what bring her to the attention of the good looking boy (I can’t remember his name). The revelation of his superpower is a bit disappointing, it’s the same as Nathan’s, and I like Zach who presumably is still in Texas.

Talking of Nathan, he’s all bitter and twisted about the ‘death’ of Peter and grown a beard. But what’s he looking at in the mirror? It seems to be him all burnt. Does he have healing powers like his daughter, or can disguise his appearance like Candice? Or am I reading too much into it and it was just a vision/dream?

We get two new ‘heroes’ this episode – Maya and Alejandro fleeing in South America. Actually Maya seems to have a deadly power a bit like Niki in the first series and Alejandro might not have one at all. What answers do they hope to find in America, it’s probable they’re heading for Mohinder as they had his father’s book. Before promptly killing everyone.

And then there’s Kaito, Hiro’s father who, along with Nathan and Peter’s mother, gets a death threat. Who is the other one of the original 12 who atatcks him? There are only 9 left after Charles, Linderman and Peter and Nathan’s dad. Is their only 8 now? We never learnt Kaito’s power so whether he’s dead or not remains to be seen.

And what of hero himself? Trapped in ancient Japan with his hero who is not quite hero like. With Hiro take his place? He’s my favourite character, but the storyline is a bit dull. Things might pick up with Mollie’s dreams of the bogeyman and maybe the return of Sylar. It’s a solid if slightly underwhelming start to the series.


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