Fun Green Roundup #8

Ahhh good old If you can find enough hours in the day to read its posts (think it must have 20 posts a day) they have some gems. For the first Fun Green Roundup of 2008 I thought I’d dedicate this post to some of the fun things on the site.

Amazon towels
Not sure if you can buy these, but makes a great picture.

But not as great as this next picture reconsituting the Mona Lisa with discarded train tickets. Who’d have thunk it? Art from discarded, unwanted things, I like it.


And how about this to help save on the pollution and carbon footprint of a book signing tour – from author and attendees. Virtual book signing with the Longpen? It’s a nice idea I suppose as the pen writes exactly what the author writes and it’s certainly a novel (get it? Sorry) way of thinking about what we do differently, but it’s just not the same is it? They’re not really signing the books and whether there’s a videoscreen or not, the interaction is just not the same. The cost of making and running the machine might even mean it’s better for the author to sign them at home and people buy copies already signed in the same way they buy a normal book. This was meant to be a fun roundup, so…

Car that really flies
…here’s a car that used to be a plane. Hey, they are reusing it I suppose…


Thanks Treehugger!


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