Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 2: Lizards


So Heroes continues its march through ever complicating storylines. Hiro’s seems pretty simple with him being back in time and taking on the role of Kensai but then that taking another twist at the end of the show – is this the start of the origins we’ve heard about?

Heroes doesn’t do simplicity – Peter’s re-discovery of his powers leads to defending the Irish girl but causes even more problems. And why is his wallet in a box when he blew up and cut his hair. Actually who chained him up in the first place?

This episode raises more questions than it answers. Well we did learn that the answer to whether Claire can regrow her limbs is a yes. While West may have a special power, he’s no Zack to be honest is he?

We don’t learn much about Nathan this episode. Apart from the fact he has a tremendous beard of course. And who’s that attacking his mum/Andrea? He seems Sylar-ish with his powers after that and killing Hiro’s dad. Another question.

We do sort of get an answer about Maya and Alejandro – she kills, he cures. But that’s all we’ll get. Surely she just needs to stop crying? Mohinder is doing some sterling work tricking the company and getting the Haitian back up and running and with Mr Bennet. How long will it last though and what about this disease?

They’re all important questions, but one that doesn’t bother me is where are Nikki, DL and Micah? Who cares really but they did get more interesting towards the end of last season. And I hope Ando is okay. Was I the only one who thought he and Matt Parkman knew each other?


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