Detroit Auto Show 08 Goes Green?

This year’s Detroit Auto Show has been hailed by some as the greenest auto show to date. And they’re right – from what experienced professionals have told me this show has by far the largest amount of alternative fuel vehicles and technologies that have ever been seen. Greenest so far, yes, green, no.

Detroit Auto Show banner

Currently I am live at the Detroit Auto Show, and will be writing a series of reports from a green perspective on new models and developments that I’ve seen. I’ll also be giving insight through a series of one-on-one and small group interviews.

If you’re not into cars, or care about new “green” car technology then I apologise for the next series of articles. However if you have a question you need answering I’ll be here until midday Tuesday (Detroit time), so please drop me a line.

Well, it can’t all be hard work can it….

Detroit model

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