Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 3: Kindred

The slowish start to the second season continues, but this episode at least did have a couple of shocks. Finding Sylar alive but unable to use his abilities (but he’s still an angry young man), the revelation that West was abducted by Mr Bennet. and Uhuru from Star Trek turning up as DL’s mother.

Peter’s storyline is quite nice and refreshing, but we all know we would have opened the box. He’ll soon master his abilities I’m sure and be back with his brother. Not much seems to happen in this episode – the twins are still on the run in Mexico (although Maya does seem to be able to cntrol her powers sometimes) and Hiro is still stuckin Japan. Well only sort of stuck. Apart from Niki he seems to be the one hero who can’t really control his powers. Well he can as he does a lot with them but can’t seem to make himself go back to the present for some reason.

With the lack of a goal (Save the cheerleader. Save the world) the series does seem to lack a focus and now seems to be concentrating on this virus that infects some of our heroes – although it seems easily cured. The Company seems more interested in curing people than categorising them – but they get something in return of course.

We don’t see Angela or Nathan Petrelli this episode so still not sure what’s going on witht he death of Hiro’s dad and the attack on her – that seems more exciting than the virus. Maybe next episode.


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