Ecover Fabric Softener Product Review

Fabric softener is fabric softener really, so I thought it’d be tricky to test. However while it’s tricky to compare, it’s easy to test and Ecover’s works nicely. I did a review of soapnuts and felt after that I didn’t need laundry powder or fabric softener again. But the advantage of using it is not only softer feeling clothes, but mainly the smell. Soapnuts worked brilliantly cleaning, but on my sport clothes it didn’t give the off the ‘clean’ smell.

So along with washing powder and, on a separate occassion, soapnuts, I poured just one capful (you can do two for ‘extra softness) into the drawer of the washing machine and washed away. It can also be used for hand washing too.

And it did a good job. The smell of ‘freshness’ isn’t as strong as some brands, but it was a nice smell and my sports stuff were the same.


Ecover’s website has a list of ingredients:
The list below displays ingredients in descending order, with those present in highest quantities first.
N-methyl-triethanolammonium-dialkylester, methosulfate
Dipropyleneglycol Methylether
Sorbic Acid
Magnesium Chloride

It’s now stocked in most supermarkets or you can buy it easily online, such as from


4 thoughts on “Ecover Fabric Softener Product Review

  1. This is probably the best laundry softener i have ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot, many of them leave clothes with a “waxy” feeling or such a strong perfume I start sneezing! Not this one, nice fresh light scent that fades.


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