4 Easy Ways To Start Going Green

There are lots of ways to go green, but here are a few ways that you (or someone who needs a helping hand) can get started being more environmentally friendly.

1. So Organic Ecover Eco-Conversion Kit

So Organic sell an eco conversion kit. The £35 kit contains:

Eco Conversion Kit

1 x Ecover NEW! Limescale Remover Spray (500ml) (RRP £2.99)
1 x Ecover Cream Cleaner (500ml) (RRP £1.25)
1 x Ecover Washing Up Liquid Lemon and Aloe Vera (500ml) (RRP £1.11)
1 x Ecover Multi-Surface Cleaner (1 litre) (RRP £2.29)
1 x Ecover Toilet Cleaner Pine Fresh (750 ml) (RRP £1.85)
1 x Ecover Squirt-Eco–All Purpose Cleaner (500 ml spray bottle) (RRP £2.42)
1 x Ecover Squirt-Eco – Refill (500ml) (RRP £2.19)
1 x Ecover Dishwasher Tablets (500 g – 25 tablets of 20 g) (RRP £4.29)
1 x Ecover Rinse Aid (500ml) (RRP £2.85)
1 x Ecover Non Biological Washing Powder (1200g) (£5.45)
1 x Ecover Morning Fresh Fabric Softener (1 litre) (RRP £2.49)
1 x Ecover Delicate Hand / Wool Wash Liquid (500ml) (RRP £1.75)
1 x Ecover Stain Remover (200ml) (RRP £2.49)
1 x Organic Cotton Cleaning Cloths (3 pack) (RRP £1.69)

Order online, instore (Greenwich, London, SE10 9JA complete with an Ecover refil station so you can reuse those pesky plastic bottles) or by telephone 0800 169 2579.

2. Greensender Green Gift Box

Greensender, which just launched in October, sells green gift boxes designed to help people start embracing simple green practices. Each Greensender box contains a reusable aluminium water bottle, a reusable organic cotton grocery bag, an energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb and an organic cotton T-shirt – all selected for their easy integration into people’s everyday lives, Greensender says. Prices are US$49.99 for the Big Greensender Box or $39.99 for a version without the T-shirt; individual items are available separately as well. Logo-emblazoned versions can also be purchased for corporate or event purposes, and New Jersey-based Greensender donates at least one percent of its sales to 1% For The Planet.

3. GoGreenGift Kit

Green-kit’s All Clean Green Kit

GoGreenGift, meanwhile, packs a reusable bag with a CFL bulb; a low-flow shower head; organic fruit leather, coffee and tea; assorted herbal body care products; and its GoGreen EcoGuide. The kits are available in original and deluxe versions for US$45 and $63, respectively.

4. Green-kits

Virginia-based Green-kits, which launched earlier this year, offers a variety of eco kits including basic and deluxe starter kits along with packages focused on cleaning, the kitchen, and baby care. Prices begin at US$10.

[Partly via: Springwise]


7 thoughts on “4 Easy Ways To Start Going Green

  1. aluminum water bottle does not sound very healthy! If it anything like SIGG’s aluminum bottles, and have some kind of protective epoxy inside (and like sigg that refuses to tell you what the epoxy is made of) I may want to stay away… (and if there is no protective barrier inside, i would definitely stay away) I would certainly not use it!

    Try an all steel water bottle instead, or a glass one.


  2. Hi Rashid. I’ll be testing a SIGG water bottle next week for our review center and shop as I have never tried one before. Do you know a good source of steel ones to test as well? I’m not sure a glass one wouldn’t work too well the way I carry my backpack around!


  3. Yeah I agree, Klean Kanteens are great, much better than the Sigg counterparts (for obvious reasons).

    One interesting company that has recently come into play though is WeDrink. They’ve got the same lovable stainless steel bottles, and they also give enormous per-bottle donations (up to 50% of the sale price) to water relief charities.

    Pretty cool concept, their website is http://www.charitybottle.com

    Let me know what you guys think


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