Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 4: The Kindness Of Strangers

Heroes is a different creature these days, I don’t get the same excitement from each episode that I used to – wondering what twists and turns are going to happen and will they save New York? Now there’s a less definite goal and I end up watching it like any other series and wait and see where it goes rather than guessing. But I’m actually still enjoying it, just in a slightly different way.

This episode’s title refers to both the new family, the Dawsons, taking in Micah (although they’re not really strangers), the twins on the run who help Sylar and I think importantly Mohinder and Matt looking after Molly – who neither are related to. The stories bubble along nicely, whether we need new heroes or not is debatable, I do feel original characters are neglected – we don’t get to see Peter or indeed Niki at all this episode. We do see Nathan more though (sans beard) which is good and the revelation that Matt’s dad may be the bad guy is like the heroes of old.

And then there’s Claire. A favourite but she’s not doing much apart from flirt with a bloke and Mr Bennet’s got his own secrets. I keep forgetting why she’s hiding again – because they’re going to do tests on her? West was captured and freed, as was Matt and other heroes so why wouldn’t they do the same with Claire. Maybe Mr Bennet would be punished. Ahhh, it’s still like the Heroes of old – lots of questions! The main one being – what’s happened to Sylar? He still likes killing despite the loss of his powers.


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