Solio Solar Charger Product Review

Solio Solar Charger

The Solio H1000 is a universal charger for electronic devices that stores power, either from an electrical socket or from solar energy – a “hybrid” charger. I was sent one on loan for a 3 month trial on behalf of the manufacturers, Better Energy Systems.

As you can see I was sent a lovely orange one, but other colours are available. The Solio is dubbed a “hybrid” device because it accepts power from either a standard wall socket or the sun. Unlike standard chargers it uses no energy when plugged into a wall socket and not attached to a device (once charged of course).

It can store this energy within its internal battery for up to one year, and can be used any time for on-the-go charging of most portable electronics devices. It comes with several plug attachments, one for Nokia phones, a mini USB connection, and a female USB connector (see the photo for more details). It also comes with a USB connector to charge the Solio if you have not charged it from the sun. There is no wall socket adaptor when you buy it, this can be purchased for additional cost (probably to encourage you to use the solar panel), as well as an iPod connector, 12V car charger adaptor, Gameboy, Motorola adaptor and so on.


Solio charging plugs

My testing with the Solio didn’t get off to a perfect start, I was unable to charge it from the sun, I had to charge it through the USB connection to my PC. I don’t know why, but leaving it in the sun initially had no effect – it did of course later on.

Despite the device being simple and having only one button and two lights (one red and one green) it was at first a little confusing to wonder what all the light flashes meant. The instruction manual is in pictures rather than words which helps transcend the language barrier but doesn’t particularly help with other aspects of its operation. After the first use though it all became clear.

The device itself comes in several colours, and as you can see from the pictures it has a clip for attaching to backpacks etc, which came in handy once on a walk and in a coffee shop when my mp3 player battery died. It’s also a great conversation piece! Talking of mp3 players, I’ve tested it on two, an iRiver S10 and a Creative Zen:M.

Solio charging an iRiver mp3 player

The iRiver charged perfectly as you can see from the picture and the video above, I just used the female USB to connect this up. The Zen did not seem to charge up (via the mini USB), however it seemed to accept this as if it was a wall socket connection, and essentially powered the Zen during operation rather than charging the battery. In a way it achieved the same goal – using the device – however in this case I had to have to Solio connected if I wanted to use the device, rather than charging it for a while and using it separately. Maybe it was just me, I’m not sure if this is usual or deliberate, but it wasn’t a problem.

Overall I think it’s a useful product, it survived a trip to Europe and back, the auto show in Detroit and once again proved handy in airports and train stations where all the sockets were taken up by laptop users. Currently you can get 10% off a Solio by visiting the Life Goggles Reviews and Shop page.

If you’ve used the Solio, or a similar device, why not leave a comment below or drop us a line and let us know your thoughts?

Solio powering a Creative Zen

10 thoughts on “Solio Solar Charger Product Review

  1. Glad to hear the comments issue is cleared up. I left one the other day but it never appeared. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Viagra, hot stock tips or lengthening my tool as much.

    Anyways what’s the battery life on the Solio like? How long could it power a device like the Zen if it didn’t have sufficient lighting to use the solar cells? I remember it being not too heavy, which makes me think the internal battery wasn’t that large.


  2. Yeah, sorry about that – a few measures to reduce server load were needed. All very well catching spam, but stopping it getting put there in the first place is more effective. Apologies!
    Battery life is pretty good, though it’s difficult to tell as when not in use it’s charging itself up in the day. The battery is a 3.7v 1000mAh (lithium ion as usual). It’s rated output is 1.5-5 watts, though the solar panel max output is 0.6 watts.
    I’ll try to test a full day load on the Zen (inside a box) and let you know what the approximate life is.


  3. I just bought one of the 3 panel fold out fan models the other day. So far charging it has been a little slow since it’s been so cloudy. Today was nice and sunny and my truck was parked in a parking garage all day….so no luck.

    The fold out model will blink 1-5 times letting you know how charged the unit is.


  4. I wondered what the 3 panel ones were like, thanks for letting me know. They do take a while to charge, but then they do if plugged in anyway.


  5. This seems like a really great little gadget. I guess if its just the initial charge that doesnt work using solar power its ok, as long as afterwards its fine. Would really like to give it a go.


  6. I’ve been using the solio for travel purposes and I must say I have never had a product which is as easy to use, effective and reliable as this charger. I can recommend it to everyone who wants to keep their small appliances charged wherever they are


  7. Great product – flexible since the Solio can be charged through an outlet or via sunlight. Big complaint is that there isn’t a cover for the bottom solar panel – you can’t see this in the product pics. Solio should really design a clip-on cover (or something) to protect that panel, and then this product would be perfect.
    Rating: 4 / 5


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