100 Ways To Save The Planet – The Next Generation #3

Yep, praise be, here are some more ways to save the planet. You can find part 1 of this ‘next generation’ here, part 2 here or get the original 100 Ways eBook for free here.

121. If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down. Nuff said.

122. Our friend Vanessa over at Green as a Thistle (she’s number 101) has lots of ideas for saving the planet, so I’m stealing some of them. Back in April (remember those joyful days when you’d only been going six weeks Vanessa?) she changed to an eco-friendly dental floss, while I’m not sure how bad floss is itself, it certainly comes in terrible packaging so time for a change.

123. Drink local. Not just at the pub nearest you house, but drinks from your own country. You can get local beers in many pubs and some even brew their own – microbrewies as they’re known. While some of the ingredients may still need to be imported, often they use locally grown products and you might just find that taste sensation you’re been looking for.

124. Grow your own medicine. Well not the stuff to reduce your blood pressure, but plants like Aloe are easy to grow and are lovely and soothing. There are others too but err keep it legal.

125. Read magazines online. I’ve cancelled my film magazine that gets delivered and am going online instead. Saves the printing and delivery and only uses up the energy to power my PC.

126. Help save the gorillas. We’ve talked about recycling mobile/cell phones before, but at www.eco-cell.org they promote reusing phones as a way of saving the gorilla’s habitat:

Cell phones also include coltan, a mineral extracted in the deep forests of Congo in central Africa, home to the world’s endangered lowland gorillas.
Fuelled by the worldwide cell phone boom, Congo’s out-of-control coltan mining business has in recent years led to a dramatic reduction of animal habitat and the rampant slaughter of great apes for the illegal bush-meat trade.

And if they can’t reuse the phone, they will recycle it with a “no landfill” policy.

127. Don’t get take aways. Think about it – the energy for it to be delivered and the cartons, cutlery, napkins etc you’re left with. Not very environmentally-friendly, so save it as a treat once in a while.

128. Ditch the gym. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym and have decided that it’s not very green so have cancelled it. I play football and badminton and all my runs will be outside from now on (hat and gloves required wear for much of the year in the UK). At least I can do press-ups at home, I’m sure I’ll be doing that every night without fail.

129. Don’t use taxis or limousines. Public transport, walking, bikes and rollerskates are the way forward. Well maybe not the rollerskates.

130. They were mentioned back at number 105, but Real Simple have another (yes, another) 20 ways to reuse plastic bags (and paper as well). This time it’s things like stuffing pet beds with them and covering your car mirrors with them in the winter.


4 thoughts on “100 Ways To Save The Planet – The Next Generation #3

  1. Haha, yeah the glory days of April are far, far behind me now… but the end is in sight, which makes me so much happier! (And kinda sad, but the blog will continue, so fret not).

    The funniest thing about the floss is the little tagline on the box that says it’s “vegan waxed”… like, waxed with vegans? Huh? I think they mean no beeswax was used…


  2. Nowadays, cars are fuel efficient, and why not go with electricity cars. even if you have a new luxury limousine or a luxury car, it would be much better than a car from the eighties.

    One idea to save the planet is to stop believe the green house effect theory has no flaws. Start having a real conversation about it, as i is at this moment, your are an idiot if you question the theory.

    read this article and give it some thoughts


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