Win With The Super Cars Shout Out Competition

What if you could be rewarded by thanking other people who, by driving less polluting cars, are doing a small part to help the environment? Well, with the Super Cars Shout Out Competition from you can.

This contest allows you to place a simple, colourful flier on high mileage cars that you encounter, showing the vehicle owner that she or he has done something worthy. Optionally you can re-use a copy of the flier on multiple vehicles to avoid paper waste, but then the car owner never knows that he/she was recognized, so we don’t recommend that. Printing fliers on recycled paper with high post-consumer content is recommended.

Of course, we would still prefer it if everyone could all walk, bicycle, car pool and car share, or use mass transit rather than driving individually-owned vehicles. Using more efficient cars simply makes this habit or need less damaging to our environment by reducing global warming gases, and saving fuel as well. Hopefully these cars are part of a transition to a better set of solutions.

PlanetThoughts Super Cars Flyer

The prize for this competition is at least $500 guaranteed. So if you are not in it for the fun and the mission, there is another reason to join in. And to make this fun for the wise car buyers, they will give $50 per month to one randomly selected car owner who contacts them that month and who has a valid photo of their of car uploaded on our site by any other entrant. Note: no individual or their family can win more than one secondary prize (the $50), but such winners are still eligible for the grand prize.

How to enter
1. Download and print one or more of the cool looking fliers (recycled paper obviously prefered and possibly two per page).
2. Find a 40+ mpg US (16.74 kmpl) car from the list.
3. Place the flier under the windshield wiper.
4. Use a digital camera or good cell phone to photograph it (and either take the flier with you to reuse or leave it for the car owner).
5. Upload the image(s) to the website.
6. Repeat 🙂

There are, of course, some simple rules to stop people rigging the competition, but nothing difficult.

It really is a great actionable idea that can win you some cash, so take a look.


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