Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 5: Fight Or Flight

Something strange is happening. I’m getting bored with my favourite character, Hiro, hardly even noticed my second favourite character was missing, Claire, and am starting to like a new character. Monica is good fun. Very likeable and has a power which has huge possibilities. Micah is much better too without his mum, although she does make a cameo (I thought she was in hospital for the blood disease the Haitian and Molly had but obviously not), just look at his smile when Monica starts skipping.

One original hero I do like though is Peter. Yes, I’m a bit frustrated he’s not using his powers properly and stuff but things seems to be happening and it seems he’ll be off to Paris soon – that’s where his mum wanted to take Claire isn’t it? The electricity girl is intriguing too – there seems to be no end of people working for the Company – and who’s her dad? Bob?

Speaking of father’s, Matt’s turns out to be a bit slippery. Is he as innocent as he says or is he the bad guy? When Matt and Nathan find the next victim was I the only one wondering why he hadn’t posted that photo to his victim if he really is the killer? When Hiro’s dad was killed it didn’t much look like Matt’s dad.

No Sylar or the twins this episode either and hardly any Mr Bennet. Things seem to be moving along, but as I said for the last episode, I’ve no idea where.


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